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Unfortunately, it continues to be necessary that caring individuals (not only in the United States, but throughout the world) strike a blow for animals in general and our canine friends in particular.  And, as before, all it takes is one fleeting moment to add your name to our Anti-Michael Vick Petition.

Unfortunately, the NFL commissioner has reinstated the dog-abusing federal felon, Michael Vick, and the NFL Philadelphia Eagles has employed him.

Unfortunately, neither the commissioner nor the team's owners and sponsors seem to care that they are rewarding Vick for his obscene criminality.
As ISAR's supporters know, Michael Vick, disgraced NFL quarterback, pleaded guilty to being the central figure in a dog fighting ring. 
As Vick neared the end of his prison sentence and release, there was talk of what he'd do when he rejoined society.  Would professional football welcome the criminal back?  Could he recapture some of his lucrative product endorsements?  How about an amends-making reality TV show?  What about a radio talk-show?  What about shilling for HSUS or PETA?

Well, now we know some of the answers: Vick is back in the game, literally and figuratively.

Our supporters know ISAR's position has been that no matter how Vick tries to cash in on his criminal "celebrity," he must be stopped - because every benefit he obtains once released from prison will be derived not from his former football stardom, but from the publicity he received from his criminal abuse of dogs.
We took it upon ourselves to lead that fight.

We created a Petition, signed by countless Americans asking prospective employers to turn their backs on Vick. 
When ISAR learned that Vick was about to benefit from his criminal "celebrity," we sent our "Stop Dog Abuser Michael Vick From Benefiting From His Crime" Petition to those trying to help him.  We also send emails to all Petition signers informing them that we had done that.
We all know that Vick's sentence, a mere two years in prison, was insufficient punishment for his savage acts.  ISAR's Petition was a grass roots effort to further punish Vick for his abominable conduct, and we vowed to keep after him. 

And now, despite our efforts, thanks to an insensitive NFL commissioner and a greedy football team Vick is back on the playing field, free to bask in the adulation of some fans, free to take down millions more in salary and bonuses, free to obtain lucrative endorsement deals from businesses that could not care less about what crimes he committed against helpless dogs.

But ISAR isn't finished with Vick.

If we couldn't convince the commissioner or the Eagles to turn their backs on Vick, perhaps we can drain away some of the team's sponsors' support.

To that end, we have reformulated ISAR's Petition.
We ask only two simple things from caring individuals and humane organizations around the world.

  • Please sign our new Petition, which appears below. 
  • Please forward this webpage containing ISAR's Petition to everyone
    on your mailing list, and ask all recipients to do the same.

Whereas, Michael Vick pleaded guilty to participating in a dog-fighting ring which caused the abuse and death of canine companion animals, and
Whereas, Michael Vick was sentenced to federal prison, and
Whereas, Michael Vick is now a convicted felon, and
Whereas, no matter how much celebrity Michael Vick may have acquired as a professional football player, he is now well known as a criminal and immoral abuser of dogs, and
Whereas, because of his criminal conduct and immoral behavior Michael Vick should be shunned by decent people and no reputable individual, company or other organization should in any manner benefit him, and
Whereas, any individual, company or other organization that does in any manner benefit Michael Vick will be boycotted by the signers of this Petition, and

Whereas, notwithstanding the foregoing, Michael Vick has been reinstated in the National Football League and employed by the Philadelphia Eagles team, and

Whereas, an important source of revenue for the Philadelphia Eagles is through the sponsorship of individuals, companies and other organizations,
Now, therefore, we the undersigned hereby petition all individuals, companies and other organizations not to benefit Michael Vick in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to by advertising their goods or services in connection with the Philadelphia Eagles football team.