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ISAR has produced an animated video about devocalization. If you feel our message against devocalization is poignant and worth sharing, please forward it to as many people as you can, asking them to do the same.

Here’s how:

Please click on this link:

You’ll be directed to the Youtube page that hosts our movie, “Silence is Not Golden.”

Once you are on the video page, the share button will enable you to email “Silence is Not Golden” and post it on your Facebook and other online community pages.

You can also copy the URL link and paste it in a tweet on Twitter.

If you have a website or blog and would like to embed the video on your homepage, ISAR encourages you to do so by copying and pasting the embed link found on our video page.




ISAR's prewritten letters-to-the-editor, like ISAR's public service announcements, prove to be an effective means of educating others about the pet overpopulation crisis without cost. ISAR has form letters available (free of charge) on subjects ranging from dog and cat overpopulation, puppy mills, tethered/outside dogs, and the importance of a United Nations Spay/Neuter Stamp.

We ask our supporters to please copy ISAR with your letter after it has been published by your local newspaper for our records.

Latest News

Please visit ISAR's new website dedicated entirely to our International Homeless Animals' Day observances at

ISAR's latest monograph entitled Prohibition of Retail Commercial Sale of Dogs and Cats is now available online. 

STOP DEVOCALIZATION NOW - A Project of International Society for Animal Rights

Recently, ISAR President, Susan Dapsis spoke to Dr. Lori Kirshner of Animals Today Radio about the launch of ISAR's Stop Devocalization Now Project. To listen to the interview, click Here.

Click HERE to listen to Animals Today radio host Dr. Lori Kirshner discuss the history of animal law with ISAR's friend, Joyce Tischler, General Counsel and Founder of Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Stanford Journal of Animal Law and Policy, 2008; The History of Animal Law, Part I (1972-1987), Joyce Tischler "I. The 1970s: First There Was One. . . . Henry Mark ("Hank") Holzer [long-time Chairman of International Society for Animal Rights] was a New York attorney who had practiced in the areas of constitutional and appellate law before joining the faculty of Brooklyn Law School in 1972..."

ISAR's Model Statute Regulating Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales

ISAR Amicus Curiae Brief in United States v. Stevens

ISAR's new billboards

Latest Podcast

Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Veterinarian: An Expert’s Perspective on Devocalization
Recently, on behalf of ISAR’s “Stop Devocalization Now” Project, Susan Dapsis interviewed Professor Nicholas Dodman, Director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University.

Dr. Dodman is a world renowned animal behaviorist, and the bestselling author of the immensely popular books The Dog Who Loved Too Much, The Cat Who Cried for Help, and most recently The Well Adjusted Dog. He has appeared frequently on leading television shows, including Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20 and CNN.
Duration of download: 00:29:30

Professor Henry Mark Holzer interviews Lt. Col. Mark Eichelman about his recent article in 16 Animal Law 153 (2009) entitled "Ringling Brothers on Trial: Circus Elephants and the Endangered Species Act," which discusses the dismissed case against Ringling Brothers circus for allegedly abusing the elephants it exhibits. Much of the Holzer-Eichelman discussion centers around the legal problem of "standing to sue"--that is, who is entitled to bring a case against humans on behalf of animals.
Duration of download: 00:47:50



Professor Henry Mark Holzer interviews Elizabeth DeCoux of Florida Coastal Law School about her recent article in 16 Animal Law 9 (2009) entitled, Speaking for the Modern Prometheus: The Significance of Animal Suffering to the Abolition Movement, which explores the distinction between "Abolitionists" and "Welfarists," and argues strongly that each movement could benefit from understanding, and even utilizing, techniques employed by the other.

Duration of download: 1:07:36


"Unpublished Insights Into United States v. Stevens"
Duration of download: 00:28:21


"ISAR's Analysis Of The Supreme Court Oral Argument In United States v. Stevens"
Duration of download: 00:29:52






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October 2014
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